Problems with your neighbors? Try this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

please guide me as I try to resolve issues with my neighbors. You know how much this situation is affecting my everyday life. Please, help me release the uneasiness and anxiousness caused by my problems with them. Infuse me with clarity of mind so that I may see what I did to contribute to creating the problems between us. Reveal to me which steps I can take to finding a positive solution to these problems. Please, infuse me with a sense of acceptance so I can let go of any anger toward them. Into your hands, I surrender my bitterness and my resentment. Please, lead me to create a positive outcome from this challenging situation and create healthy, thriving relationships with all my neighbours. Please, guide us to live in peace and shape caring relationships to be kind and respectful and support one another.

Angel Costume
Photo by 小胖 车 / Unsplash

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