Prayer to Break all Curses and Protect Yourself

Dear Angel,

I call upon you and all the divine forces of light. I ask you to shatter and cancel all curses and also any anxiety, mental disorder, illness, and misfortune caused by them. Please, remove all curses and the effects of negative words spoken about me by others. Neutralize every evil intent to cause me harm.

Protect me with your bright shield of light so that the power of those who intend to harm me will instantly melt away like snow in the sun. Release my life from every curse, every evil influence, and every dark shadow. Fill me with loving goodness so that I may forgive and bless those who cursed me. Set my enemies free from the bonds of darkness, and their hearts flooded with light.


Prayer for Protection from All Evil

Dear Angel,

I ask for your protection from all evil. Please shelter and protect me from any dark energy. When darkness surrounds me, never let me lose sight of your ray of light. Please force the rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness, and all the evil spirits to stay away from me.

I ask to be set free and purified by the power of your pure love. Purify my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, possessions, home, and family from all negativity. Please encompass me in your blessing and protection. Shelter me under your wings as an impregnable fortress and keep all evil away.


Prayer to Break Generational Curses

Dear Angel,

Please help me break all generational curses that cause me misfortune and sadness. Watch over my family and me and cover us with your shield of protection against them. Nullify them, set me free from all the curses brought by the faults of my ancestors.

Please, help me heal these weaknesses and emotional wounds passed through the blood from generation to generation. Guide me not to go through life struggling with the same chains and issues that my parents also struggled with not to be transferred to my children or my children's children.

Never allow my children and the children of my children to suffer because of unresolved generational issues. Instruct me, set me free from all generational curses, now and forever, for my own sake and the sake of my future generations.


I love this photo of my mums hand reaching out to share a moment with her great grandson.  Even when we can’t understand each other in language, we can all understand what a simple touch means.
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Prayer to Shield You from Negativity

Dear Angel,

I ask you to shelter and protect me from any negative energy. Please help me not to be weighed down by the negativity of this world. I ask for your divine protection from negativity so that it may not affect my energy field in any way and for any reason.

Help me be centered in love and allow no negativity to enter my space and interfere or diminish the fullest expression of my soul's essence. Cut all evil spiritual connections to my body and mind.

Fill me with your purifying spirit so that I may wash away, release and transmute any dense vibrational energy and be reborn into love and light.


Prayer to Break Free from Soul Ties

Dear Angel,

Please break every unhealthy soul tie formed out of past relationships in this or any other life. Cut toxic energy cords. May every ungodly tie be wholly shattered, crushed, and detached from my soul, heart, thoughts, emotions, and will. Let every fragment of myself that has been tied to someone else return to me, cleared out, and purified.

Please, help me break the chains that have held me in emotional and psychological slavery. Enable me to remove all these unclean spirits, negative energies, and presences by blessing and sending them into the light. Help me fill the space that is left with the healing power of love and compassion.


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Prayer to Shatter and Defeat Evil Attacks

Dear Angel,

Please shield me against all evil attacks such as psychic intervention, spirit intrusions, negative vibrations, and physical uneasiness. Place a shield of divine, glittering, and vibrant light all around me.

Remove any dark energy from my life. Command evil spirits to leave me and never come back. Keep my mind focused on love and compassion so that witchcraft and evil attacks may not have any stronghold on my thoughts.

Guard my heart against toxic emotions like fear, jealousy, or the wish for revenge generated by dark entities and evil spirits so I will remain innocent and pure. Break the strongholds that evil formed against my will. Dispel all the hostile forces around me. Please, guard me now and always in the shel­ter of your love.


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