15 Inspiring Life Lessons Quotes

Looking for some motivational life lessons quotes to keep you inspired? Explore our selection of powerful motivational quotes.

15 Inspiring Life Lessons Quotes


Friend or foe,

everyone comes into

your life for a reason.


A failure becomes a victory

when you learn from it.


Sometimes you can

communicate more

by being silent than talking.

Sometimes you can do more

by doing nothing

than trying to do something.

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A problem is a problem

only when you think it is a problem.

In the perspective of your soul,

every problem is an opportunity.


You cannot help anybody

who doesn’t want to be helped.

You are not responsible

for the destiny of others.

Souls choose their journey according

to the Sacred Law of Free Will.

Just bless everyone and their path.


What you do not accept in others

is what you do not accept

within yourself.

What you love in others is

what you love within yourself.


Nothing can really change your life:

meditation, success, spiritual practices.

Nobody can really save you: a guru,

a friend, a new love.

Only you can do it for yourself.


Feel worthy of your desires,

if you want to make them come true.

(and execute)

At least, that’s what I wish it said off to the side. It’s been a long time sine I’ve done both of those things – too long.

I’ve spent the last couple months funemployed and figuring out exactly what I want to do. I found a job a long way away from home that fit the bill and tossed in an application the other day but I’m pretty sure that I won’t get it for one reason or another.

Anyways – putting the application together was a lot of fun. It let me dream like I haven’t since I was in university, and getting it all down on paper was pretty liberating.
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Before taking a decision,

wait until you find the best choice

for you and for all the people

involved in your decision.


There is no greater forgiveness

than the forgiveness for oneself.


In order to heal a bad habit,

first heal the mental habit behind it.


You are the master of your own destiny.

To change it for the better is up to you.

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With little lies, your life can be simpler.

With honest words, your life can be greater.


Your  future is the outcome

of what you think about it.


Pain never lasts forever:

you are, at every moment,

surrounded by Love

and Love lasts forever.

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