11 Positive Affirmations To Improve and Heal Relationships

Do you want to bring positive energy to all kinds of relationships (partner, friends, and relatives) in your life? Use these 11 affirmations!

11 Positive Affirmations To Improve and Heal Relationships
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Improve your life and your relationships with these powerful affirmations.

1. I send love
to all of the relationships
in my life that need help
and I let the power of love
work on them.

2. I am faithful to my partner,
I am loyal to my friends.
I build healthy, pleasurable
and harmonious relationships.

3. I feed my relationships
with love every day.

4. I release my resentment.
I bring peace to my difficult relationships.

5. I recognize all
the fruitless relationships
as dead branches in my life
and I have the courage to cut them down.
I renew my energies,
I prepare myself for a new bloom.

6. I am honest
about my feelings,
I base my relationships
on respect and integrity.

7. I release my need to prove my superiority:
true greatness belongs to humble people.

8. I seek happiness for others.
This is how I make myself happier.

9. I am careful
with whom I spend my time.
I surround myself only with those
who encourage and uplift me.

10. I do not hide my wounds
under an outward mask of strength,
I accept and I show my weaknesses
with honesty, without fear
of being judged by others.

11. I open my heart,
I have so much love to share.

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