Best Inspiring Quotes On Silence To Bring You Stillness

By silencing your mind, you connect with the Divine within yourself.

Best Inspiring Quotes On Silence To Bring You Stillness
Photo by Kristina Flour / Unsplash


The voice of God

can be heard only

in the inner space of silence.


By cultivating silence,

you cultivate your spirit.


Breathing the silence,

you can listen to your heart.


Silence is golden,

in the pure silence of the mind

is hidden the treasure of Being.

Photo by Christopher Sardegna / Unsplash


Take a break

from the noise of the world

and listen to the powerful

sound of silence.


In the silence of your mind,

listening to yourself,

you can feel that you are never alone,

because you are always connected

with Universal Love.


Allow yourself

to feel every emotion, whatever it is,

then observe it from

your inner space of silence.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski / Unsplash


The silence of the mind is

the starting point

for enlightenment.


When your quiet mind silences

all judgment and thought,

can you finally rest in the

infinite bliss of the Oneness.


Silence contains all of the answers

to your search for Truth,

because in the presence of silence

all questions, as well as the questioner,


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