Inspirational Quotes on True Happiness

Best Inspirational Happy Quotes That Will Make You Smile

Inspirational Quotes on True Happiness
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Be happy now.

You do not need to achieve

anything to feel happy:

endless happiness is your

true nature.


Detachment is the secret

of ultimate happiness.

“Be able to love, heal and accept yourself, so you can then offer these gifts to others”
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True happiness comes

from sharing your blessings

with others.


Those that look for happiness,

never find it.

Those that look for oneself,

find happiness.


Consciousness  brings happiness.

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A thankful heart

is the key to happiness.


Every moment is unique,

never before, never again.

Enjoy your life.

Be happy in the present moment.


The more you love yourself,

the happier you become.


Enlightenment is

the constant feeling of happiness,

without any memory of the sorrow

that we felt along the path.


Stop looking for happiness

and let happiness find you.


Smile, when you want to smile.

Cry, when you want to cry.

Perfection is not to be always happy,

perfection is to be always yourself.

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