Ritual to Attract Abundance, Luck and Money into Your Life

A powerful and easy ritual to attract abundance, luck and money into your life. Try it!

Ritual to Attract Abundance, Luck and Money into Your Life

If you do this ritual to attract abundance at the beginning of the new Moon, you will multiply its effectiveness enormously, since when the lunar cycle closes, it becomes more effective.


Ritual to attract abundance

For this ritual, the most important is to have your home clean and purified. It is also advisable to ORGANIZE your house. In this way we get the energy to flow better in your home, and on the other hand we manage to move away the negative energies that could prevent the flow of abundance.

  • Try to get a lot of natural light during the ritual.
  • All the clothes must be clean, which smell fresh and clean.
  • Try to be positive. Good humor attracts positivity.
  • Take a good bath with rose petals and fragrances. Outside the shower, the incense you prefer with -White candles and relaxing music.

For this ritual we will need:

  • Three white candles.
  • A blank sheet of paper and a pen.
  • Optional go dressed in white, the color of purification.

On the blank sheet you have to write your goals and what kind of abundance you want. Try to be realistic, you can not attract infinite wealth at once, it has to be little by little as you progress.

Form a triangle with the 3 unlit candles, and put the sheet in the middle of the triangle.

Light the candles and look closely at the 3 flames for a minute. During this time, think deeply with all your energies on how happy you would be with that goals, making your family happy too and imagining a lot of prosperity and happiness.

Once you have finished, take the sheet and fire it, being very careful and in an adequate environment.

With those leftover ashes, go to a high point, take the ashes and put them in your hand and blow to spread it in the air.

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