Have you ever wondered how to ask for signs from the Angels or even if it’s okay to do so?

Long story short, the answer is YES. There is a lot the Angels can do for us. Asking for signs from the Angels is not only permitted, but it is important because the Angels see things differently, from a different perspective. They can give us the help we need at that very specific moment in our lives.

When we are stuck in situations we can barely handle, or when we are overwhelmed with doubts and fears, the Angels come to help us.

One of their best ways to help us is to send us signs and messages. Of course, not a single Angel is going to intervene if not asked to do so. We have to send a request, either with prayers or silently. Angels can ‘feel’ us because they can ’see’ us. As written in the book 365 Prayers to the Angels : The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world. You have to call and pray to them because Angels cannot intervene in your life unless you ask them to do so. They respect your free will. The sacred law of free will doesn't allow them to intervene in your life without your permission. Remember that every time you ask for help, an Angel fulfills their purpose. The immediate help of angels is available to you at any time and any place. Invite and welcome them into your life.

So the first answer to the question: can I ask for signs from the Angels? The answer is obviously Yes.

Why Are We Allowed to Ask for Signs?

Most often the people who ask this question were brought up in religious dogma that stripped them of their free will by imposing iron-clad rules of appropriate worship.

You can, you must ask for signs from your Angels and Guardian Angels. They do want you to live an empowered and victorious life. Furthermore, it is encouraged and expected by your Divine Team of Angels and Guardian Angels that you ask for signs and confirmations.

Ultimately, this is their purpose. They want to do this.

If we ask for signs, we expand our consciousness, making us able to receive all the blessings that are available to us but cannot be delivered until we start asking. Ask, pray, and you’ll receive.

If you are asking for proof that asking for signs works at all levels, the following story about the ‘Gideon’s request’ is going to shed light on any doubt.

In her blog, Dar Payment tells about a beautiful story in the ancient text that supports this. It is the story of Gideon. Gideon was told by Infinite Love that he would be protected and his people rescued. Yet Gideon in his humanness needed a sign for reassurance. So Gideon laid out a piece of lamb’s wool outside overnight and told Infinite Love, “If you truly are going to rescue us, prove it to me by making this fleece of wool wet in the morning, but the ground around it dry.”

He left the piece of fleece out all night, and in the morning that’s just what happened. He squeezed the fleece and wrung out a bowl full of water, yet the ground around it remained dry.

Still needing reassurance, Gideon asked Infinite Love for yet another sign. This time he asked Infinite Love to leave the fleece dry overnight and the ground around it wet. And in the morning Gideon discovered Infinite Love once again had answered his request!

The moral of this inspiring story is: ask and you’ll be given. However, we all know how powerful the Angels are, so if you keep asking for signs because you are still doubting of their Divine Power even after receiving many signs, then you might find yourself in a bit of trouble…

Faith is always the key when we ask for signs from the Angels.

There are uncountable numbers of examples in both ancient and modern spiritual texts of all faiths around the world which show us that asking for signs is the best way to deal with our needs and problems.

Now a few more questions arise: How can I ask for signs? Is there a right way? What if I am asking for a sign in the wrong way? Will I be punished?

There is neither wrong nor right way to ask for signs from the Angels. The only important thing is to ask with an open heart and clear intentions. Honesty is always the key. Angels do not like people who try to manipulate, so if your intention is other than pure and pristine, the Angels will notice it. In return, you might not receive any kind of help, nor any sign from Them. Remember that the angelic realm works with Universal Law. And Universal Law does not love a lack of honesty. Of course, we all love Angels, so when asking for signs, we must have set clear intentions, but everyone who believes in Angels will never, ever try to send a less-than-pristine request for help.

When asking for signs, another important thing to do is to get rid of fear.

Above all, ask from a state of joy and love. Fear has a low vibrational rate, and although fearful asking in a dire situation will be honored, requests often appear faster when you ask from a place of joy and positive expectation.

The above-mentioned example of Gideon’s request doesn’t apply to all kinds of requests.

Unless you’re asking for a specific concrete sign such as Gideon did, (but we can easily guess the Gideon was a bit doubtful when he sent those requests, especially the second time when he was asking for further confirmation) the Angels may send you metaphorical signs rather than clear ones. For example, by showing you a closed door or a stop sign they might be telling you that you have to stop doing a certain thing or job, or that you have to stop chasing something out of your reach, or even that you have to stop a relationship because it has come to a dead end.

So once you have asked for signs, be open to the many ways signs can present themselves to you.

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Are there any specific ways to ask for signs that work better?

Here are four ways to ask for signs from the angels.

1. Affirmative prayer and statements. An affirmative prayer is a request stated in the positive. For example, instead of saying, “I want to be reassured, show me a sign” you might say, “Thank you, my Angel, for giving me a reassuring sign. I thank you for sending me a sign in a way that I can understand.” Affirmative prayers are worded with full expectation and gratitude that it is already done.

2. Dream signs. This is one of the most powerful ways the Angels send us signs. Right before you sleep, start asking the Angels to share with you a specific sign of their presence. This works almost 100 percent of the time and it’s fun too! Dream signs are powerful, because they work at a subconscious level, out of the interferences of the rational mind. To find out what are the most important dreams signs and symbols, read this article.

3. Personal Signs. You can also enjoy asking the angels for random signs that you choose. For example, number combinations, butterflies, a certain color car, a specific animal, and colored feathers and seashells. Sometimes personal signs are revealed instantaneously, but they always appear within three or four days.

4. Art Journal Signs. This one is fun especially if are creative. Sketch out a specific sign that you’d like to receive. Remember the colored feathers we mentioned earlier? If you’re keeping an Angelic Art Journal for your enjoyment, try to randomly choose and draw a specific coloured feather. While doing so, ask your guardian angels to serendipitously bring a coloured feather into your experience. If within a few days you find a coloured feather in your car, or you spot it somewhere (a shop sign, or a book cover in a brick and mortar shop,…) that’s it! You had your sign!

Asking for signs from the angels is a fun and amazing way to receive confirmations and comfort that you’re loved, heard, and that you’re taken care of by the Infinite Love of the Angels.

It’s a great confidence builder and comfort to know that your Angels love you and that they have your back.

Besides the signs that they send us, the Angels also tend to reassure and comfort us by manifesting their presence (always not in a direct way) in different ways.

So what are the most common ways the Angels use to manifest their presence in our lives?

1. Changes In Temperature

You might find yourself in a room that suddenly gets much warmer or much colder, inexplicably. The Angels vibrate at very high frequencies, so they can slow or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a sudden change in temperature. When this happens, pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel out what is being communicated.

2. Fantastic, Unexplained Fragrances

Have you ever experienced a sudden smell of something nice, a bit pungent, very intense? Whether you were at home or in the wilderness, or in a place where random scents of that intensity are hard to find? If you have experienced this and it was very pleasant, it means that an angel could be a hug away from you. The smell is a strong sense, with heavy ties to memory. What did you smell? What did it make you think of?

3. Voices Murmuring To You

Normally, people who admit to being able to hear murmuring voices inside their heads are considered close to madness, or high on drugs, to say the least. However, if you do not fit into the previous categories and you are sure that you are going mad, in this context hearing voices murmuring you is a good thing! It means that you are open to the inclinations and signs from the universe, while others are remaining closed off. Listen to those voices and treasure their guidance.

4. Different Colored Lights Will Appear

Seeing shafts of light streaming or shooting around you are definite indications of the Angels’ presence. You may notice sparks of light or become very aware of shadows around you. Don't be afraid. Angels don't want to harm you. This is normally indicative that they are trying to directly reach you from their plane.

5. Unexpected Feathers

Feathers all around you for whatever reason? Did you not particularly seek this out? It's a sign that they are near and paying attention to you.

6. Communication Through Dreams

Dreams are one of the most important ways the Angels use to communicate with us. Learning the most important dream signs and symbols will surely help you to understand the signs from the Angels and their guidance

7. Feeling Like Your Being Followed

If you experience the feeling of being followed but there are no signs at all of a potential stalker, the feeling of being followed will be accompanied by a warm feeling of confidence and love. If you are alone and you feel like someone is in the room with you, but you aren't afraid, trust your gut.

Your Angels are trying to protect and assure you. They are always with you, for you!

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