How to feel the presence of Angels near you

Feeling the presence of an angel is an extraordinary experience. Would you like to learn how to recognize the presence of an angel near you? Here are 6 signs of an angel watching over you

How to feel the presence of Angels near you
Angels are always watching over us to protect and guide us in our life journey

How To Recognize the Presence of Angels

Do you have any advice on how to see Angels?
How often do people ask us this question?

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If you're looking for a hint, here are a few of them...

How to Become a Witness to the Angelic Realms

The angels care about you and want you to know they are always there to support and guide you. Most commonly, angels present themselves in subtle ways. At the same time, some highly clairvoyant individuals claim to "see" angels with their physical eyes.

Learning to recognize these signals is much more fun and easier than you think!

Six Invisible Signs You Have Angelic Protection

1. Photos with Orbs

Small balls of light known as "energy orbs" sometimes appear in pictures. They are most often seen in those taken with digital cameras.

There are a wide variety of orbs, ranging from a single ball of light to a group of orbs gathered together. It symbolizes good fortune and protection when these orbs appear around individuals or locations.

An exciting aspect of photographing angel orbs is that you may request that your benevolent guardian spirits appear in the image before you take it.

2. Sparkles of Light and Light Flashes

Seeing flashes of light in the corner of your eye, a black area as you sleep, or in the middle of the night. Angels are watching over you, so take this as a sign that they're close by.

Electric blue or bright white are the most common colors of these flashes and sparkles. However, they may also come in a variety of other hues. The colorful flashes are widely believed to be those of the archangels, with the light hues matching their auras.

3. Colored Mists

Witnessing purple, pink, light blue, or other hue mists indicates the presence of archangels and angels, much as seeing sparkles and flashes of light.

4. Spectacular Clouds of Angels

Clouds shaped like angels are like a hug and a kiss from God to me! Love seeing angels show their love to humanity via a cloud pattern!

5. Phantom Scents

Angels have been known to appear in the form of strange odors and aromas. The presence of angels may be sensed by smelling common flowers like roses, lilies, honeysuckle, and jasmine, none of which can be traced back to their source.

6. Various Indicators

As an indication of their presence, angels often spread "sweet nothings" about you. In addition, angels often use objects to draw your attention, such as feathers, diamonds, money, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and doves.

Now you know how to recognize Angels. So keep all these indications in your mind and don’t ignore them next time.

Feature Image by RoySnyder from Pixabay