Soul Contracts: Do we Choose our Parents before Birth?

Do our children 'choose' us before birth, or when they are fostered or adopted? Quite likely the answer is 'yes'. Find out how soul contracts work.

Soul Contracts: Do we Choose our Parents before Birth?

The Angels are always adamant that we have a beautiful karmic bond with the Children we choose and that choose us, whether they be by birth, adoption or fostering.

When we adopt a child it is likely that a ‘soul contract’ has been agreed before birth between you, your child and your partner.
You might have been chosen by the child’s soul as the ideal teacher, nurturer or having the perfect skills and lineage for their particular life purpose. You may have also requested the bond during this life to help you on your journey also to learn lessons, gain skills and also to experience another charismatic with a member of your ‘soul group’ on this side.


The Angels take our soul contracts on a very serious level and help to oversee the order of this meeting and connection, just as they would with a ‘natural’ birth. Therefore your guardian angels and that of your adopted child communicate readily about what is ‘actually’ taking place between souls outside the “day to day”.

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Another wonderful thing starts to happen when we adopt a child, which when I first saw it really surprised and touched me deeply.

As adoption is a ‘contract’ we make of guardianship, once we take another being into our care, the ancestral lines connect.

So even though your adopted child may not be of your bloodline physically, the energetic DNA is directed to your child.


Doesn’t the child have a soul contract with their natural birth parents also? Yes of course they do, and part of that contract may actually be to be separated and adopted. There’s a real gift in all of the life’s challenges that we may actually want to experience.

Can we break soul contracts? YES! Ultimately, we are ethereal beings having a human experience. I believe our challenge here on Earth is not becoming ethereal as we already are! It’s being human that’s the hard part!

The Angels are constantly reminding us that we have free will, or else they would be able to intervene without us having to ask.

No one ‘deserves’ anything in life and soul contracts certainly don’t disprove having healthy bounds or making decisions that lead us to happier and healthier results! However, it does help us by assuring us that we do choose to have mixed experiences so we can learn how to react and grow through them differently.

We get a new choice every time we experience yet another setback, heartache or loss as well as successes, victories, and gains.

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