How to Talk to Angels, Spirit Guides and Your Celestial Team

A Divine Team is ready to help you at any given time. Learn how to vastly empower your life using their unlimited capabilities.

How to Talk to Angels, Spirit Guides and Your Celestial Team

Although you are often unaware of it, tremendous love, protection and assistance is always given to you from the heavenly realm, the ‘other side of the veil.’ With extreme love, patience and genius, a celestial team continually guides you.


This divine team can consist of:

  • guardian angels,

  • spirit guides,

  • your Higher Self (or soul),

  • ancestors,

  • spirit animals,

  • ascended masters, etc.

They are all varied forms of whatever you call God, or Source. While your various team members change according to your specific needs, one main guide always remains by your side.

By accepting their help and following their guidance, you can create the life you desire with greater ease and less struggle.


You vastly empower your life using their unlimited capabilities.

  • They can send you more peace,

  • clarity,

  • strength,

  • or whatever you ask for.

Your team will assist you every step in ways perfect for your soul’s journey.

Like a child learning to tie his shoes, you need to ask for their help before they will step in and help untangle the mess.



Communicating with your spirit guides is simple and easy. Since your team is telepathic to your thoughts, simply chat with them in your mind anytime as you go about your day. You don’t need to know who to call on for help. The one(s) from the heavenly realm best suited for the task will step forward.

Although asking once in your head is enough, you can add emphasis by using any of the following:

  • using strong focus,

  • repeating your request three times in a row,

  • saying it out loud,

  • writing it in longhand.

To signal a stronger need for their help, you can light a candle or play a specific song.


Establish a regular time and/or activity where your guides know you are intentionally connecting to them. Spend moments throughout each day consciously aware of their presence as you:

  • savor a cup of tea,

  • fold the laundry,

  • sit in traffic,

  • walk the dog.

Keeping your mind fully engaged in the present moment makes it easier to sense their messages.


Your team is deliberately quiet. You will need to slow down your busy mind to feel or sense their guidance. Find at least 10 minutes total each day to quiet your mind and go within. Create a safe haven in your imagination where you can go to chat with your angels, i.e. walking with them on the beach or sitting by a cozy fireplace.


Sunrises and sunsets are powerful openings to connect to your divine team. Your guides tend to communicate with you when your mind is least active. Pay attention to your thoughts when you awaken during the night or immediately upon arousing in the morning before your mind is fully engaged. It is easier to feel their guidance when you are relaxed or joyful, and more challenging when you are stressed.


Water and nature greatly enhance communication with your team.

Try some of the following for a stronger connection with your guides:

  • take a walk on the beach or in the woods,

  • sit at the water’s edge or by a tree,

  • take a shower or a relaxing bath.

  • chat with your angels as you rinse your hands or wash the dishes.

A quiet setting with fewer distractions makes it easier to feel their subtle guidance. However, the combined energy in a group meditation may increase your ability to feel their presence. Explore what works best for you.



People often mistakenly believe they can’t get their angels’ messages. We all receive their guidance in different ways. While some people hear or see their spirit guides, most people get a sense, feeling or strong knowing of their presence and guidance. Trust in your ability to feel and understand your celestial team’s messages. If you are still unsure of their guidance, ask for more validation or easier signs. Your guides always hear and respond to you. If it is important, your capable team will get their message across in a way you understand.


It’s a well-designed system that works and a process that gets easier with practice. You are strengthening that ‘connection muscle’ every time you are aware of your guides and try to sense their guidance.

Before long, you'll be seeing and understanding their messages daily. Following their wisdom, you will soon discover an easier, joyful life leading right to your heart's desire.

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Author: Robbie Holz
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