Ever wonder if those little feelings or hunches may be the whisper of an angel? Have you found a feather or penny in your path and wondered to yourself if it might be the sign of an angel?

Angels are divine beings of love and light, sent here to protect, heal and guide us on our journey through life. They work for our peace and happiness and are here to help us fulfill our life's mission on earth.

They send us messages of inspiration and wisdom to guide us through difficult times in our lives or warnings to protect us from danger. The messages can be quite subtle - something as simple as a hint, nudge or feeling.

The messages or signs may seem out of the ordinary and can be repetitive or delivered to you over the course of time.

While Angels can communicate with us in many ways, you are always the expert on what the sign may mean and how it applies to your life. It is said that the Angels will always respect your free will; while they may offer you their guidance, but it is always up to you to accept or reject their assistance.


Here are the Top 10 signs of an Angel watching over you

1. Finding a white feather
While any feather may be a sign, white feathers are often thought of as the "calling card" of the Angels. A feather may especially be an Angel sign if it appears in some unexpected place, such as in your purse or a shelf in your house, where its presence cannot easily be explained.

A white feather may be a message of encouragement and reassurance. It may be an angel's way of reminding you not to give up, to let you know that the end to your struggle is near. It may also just be a reminder that you are not alone and that your Angels are here by your side.

2. Finding coins

Could these be pennies from heaven?
Have you ever heard of the phrase "pennies from heaven"? Pennies or dimes found in unusual places can be signs from the Angels, letting you know that they are here to love and support you.


Sometimes these coins may have a personal meaning that relates to some issue or question your have been pondering in your life. When you find one of these unexpected coins, it is suggested that you try to remember what or who you were thinking about when you encountered it.

Does it have any unique markings? Does the year or type of metal have any significance to you? It may just be an affirmation to something you have been wondering about.

3. Flashes of light/Seeing Angel lights


Sometimes you may see unusual light effects, such as flashes, unexplained shimmers, sparkles in the corner of your eye, or shafts of light streaming around you.

Or perhaps, what appears to be the glint of a bright mirror when there is no sunlight around. Sometimes they are strange orbs, that may also appear in photographs.

These extraordinary light effects are often considered to be signs of an Angel's presence.

4. Direct messages
It is said that Angels can sometimes give you both love and detailed guidance through the use of text.

For example, you may see a message on a billboard that seems to have a personal significance or be relevant to an issue you have been dealing with in your life. You may then see a same or similar message in a magazine, or a book may fall from a shelf, unexpectedly opening up to a page with a meaningful passage or phrase.

The repetition of this text might seem unusual or to strike a chord with you because it may contain the answer to a question you have been pondering.

These messages might be a way for your Angels to reassure you that they are nearby and also to offer you some direct guidance.

5. Tingling sensations, goosebumps or chills
Sometimes, the presence of an angel can cause physical sensations like chills, goosebumps or tingling sensations near the crown of your head, back of your neck, shoulders or upper arms. These feelings may also manifest as a feeling of sudden warmth or the tingling you feel when your foot falls asleep.

It is said that these sensations are caused by the Angels connecting with you and lifting your energy closer to their level, which can feel like a tingly or buzzing feeling.

These sensations may be an angelic confirmation that what you are currently thinking or feeling is on the right path. They may also be a call to raise your awareness, or to pay attention to what happens next.

6. The feeling of being touched

Photo by John Reign Abarintos / Unsplash

The touch of an angel may feel like a soft brush across your arm or neck, a gentle hug or someone patting you on your shoulders or back.

Sometimes Angels may communicate touch by a sudden change in temperature. It is said that if you feel a sudden warmth while you are praying or meditating, it may be that your guardian angel is nearby or has moved closer to you.

7. A ringing in your ears
Sometimes the Angels want to give you useful information that you may not be ready to use yet. It is said that they will sometimes transfer the information to you as an angelic "download". While you may not be ready to use this information right away, it is something that may come in handy or become relevant later.

The sound signalling such an event can be nearly quiet, very loud, or like bells or buzzing. When the noise is too loud or distracting, it is always okay to ask your Angels to turn down the volume.

8. Angel numbers
If you see certain numbers or number sequences repeated over and over to you again, it may be a sign of Angels trying to get your attention. For example, you may see the number 11:11 on a clock, then notice the amount $11.11 on a receipt, and then notice an unknown phone call coming from a number containing the digits 1111.

Or, you may find yourself waking up every morning at 4:44.

Angels are known to use numbers to communicate different messages.

9. Solar Plexus/Angel warning signs


When you feel butterflies or a knot in your stomach, this could be a warning from the Angels that something is not right. Your Angels may be using your Solar Plexus chakra to remind you to be careful and become more aware of your surroundings.

When you feel tension in your stomach around a certain person, the Angels may be warning you to be careful around this person or to limit the amount of time you spend with them.

10. The feeling that you are not alone
You may feel that there is someone else in the room, even though no one is there. Or, you may feel that there is an invisible presence sitting next to you on a couch or bed. These angel signs are said to be accompanied by feelings of warmth and safety or of unconditional love.

When you encounter an Angel sign, it is said that you should stay aware and be present in the moment, allowing yourself to be open to receiving divine messages.

You should also send the Angels gracious thanks for their help.

Experts say that your intuition acts similarly to an antenna that can pick up angelic communications. It is through your willingness to open your mind that you can accept these messages.

While the Angels may offer you guidance, they do respect that you have a free will and it is always your choice to accept or reject their assistance.

It is also important to remember that you are the expert on the meaning of any signs you receive and to interpret them in a way that is appropriate for your life.

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