The Archangels Prayers for Guidance and Protection

These​ prayers call on the Archangels to provide heavenly assistance, protection, and guidance in every aspect of your life.

The Archangels Prayers for Guidance and Protection

The Archangels are powerful celestial creatures whose primary duties are to help, guide, and protect us. In addition, they can bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the hour of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God restrain him we humbly pray, and do thou oh Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits that roam through the world , seeking the ruin of souls. Saint Michael the Archangel, please protect us from evil and help us obtain the grace to do the Will of God.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Please announce the Holy Word of God to us, write it in our hearts, and help us remember it and put it into practice.

Saint Raphael the Archangel

Fill me with God's Love, His ardent flame of Love, and the Love of all the angels and saints.

My Holy Guardian Angel

Protect and guide me, open the way for me to do the Will of God in every action, and remind me to praise God and reject temptations.

Angels and Archangels (in general)

O God, who in Thine ineffable Providence, hast sent Thy Holy Angels to watch over us: grant, we humbly pray, that we may always be defended by their protection and may rejoice in their fellowship forever. God our Father, who guides the work of angels and men. May those who serve You constantly in heaven keep our lives safe from all harm here on earth.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

Supported by the intercession of blessed Michael, Thine Archangel, we humbly beseech Thee, O Lord, that the service we pay with our lips may lay hold of with our minds.

O God, we call upon your Holy Name. As supplicants, we implore your pardon, that by the intercession of the glorious Archangel St Michael, You would deign to help us against Satan and all other unclean spirits. They roam about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of souls.

St Gabriel the Archangel

O God, who from among all the Angels did choose the Archangel Gabriel to announce the Mystery of Thine Incarnation: mercifully grant that we who keep his feast on earth may feel the effect of his patronage in heaven. Who lives and reigns, with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, a world without end. Amen

O, Blessed Archangel Gabriel, we beseech you, intercede for us at the throne of divine Mercy in our present necessities, that as you did announce to Mary the mystery of the Incarnation. So, through your prayers and patronage in heaven, we may obtain the benefits of the same and sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living.

Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel

O glorious Archangel, St Raphael, great Prince of the heavenly court, illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace, guide of those who journey by land or sea, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners: I beg you to assist me in all my needs and all the sufferings of this life, as once you did help the young Tobias on his travels. And because you are the 'Medicine of God,' I humbly ask you to heal my soul's many infirmities and the ills that afflict my body if it is for my greater good. I especially ask of you an angelic purity, which may fit me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Be pleased, O Lord God, to send to our aid St Raphael the Archangel: and may he, who, we believe, stands forever before the throne of Your Majesty, offer unto You our humble petitions to be blessed by You.

May your life be blessed by the Love of the Angels!

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Article reference: St. Michael the Archangel Prayers - Saint Michael Center