The Art of Now, How To Practice The Art Of Living In The Present Moment

What is the present moment? What it really means to be in the present moment?

The Art of Now, How To Practice The Art Of Living In The Present Moment
Photo by Devin Avery / Unsplash

Rather than letting the experience of the present moment nourish us with all its power, we filter it through judgment, allowing to pass only what is in accordance to our inner “encoder.”

The mind works according to its repetitive, habitual patterns.

What enters our field of experience, rather than merely being observed, is instantly judged and then on the basis of our judgment, classified and catalogued into mental categories.

This is how the experiences of the past, crystallized into judgment and prejudice, prevent the experience of the present moment from being illuminated by the light of consciousness.

We use our past as a shield to protect ourselves against the power of the present.

I took this photo inside the castle. I think it was the only thing that could have been photographed clean and with nothing disturbing around. It was a challenge to take a photo using a tripod - with all the kids around ;)
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Rather than being open to welcoming the present without judgment, we protect ourselves against its power of change through our likes and our dislikes, our certainties and convictions.

“Friendly” rather than “unfriendly”, “sincere” rather than “untrustworthy”, “happy” rather than “melancholy”, “conservative” rather than “revolutionary”. We continuously categorize everyone around us.

If, for example, someone behaves toward us with either kindness or animosity, we instantly label them as either “good” or “bad”, “nice” or “nasty”. However, the act of labeling others hides the truth of reality and denies the Presence.

When we label someone, we forget that we are responsible for their behavior towards us. They are our mirrors and simply reflect onto us something that comes from ourselves. In the same way, through our behavior, we reflect onto them a specific aspect that their energy field emanates at a particular moment. When we live in the present, we recognize that everyone is a part of ourselves as we are a part of them.

The concepts of “You” and “Me” cannot survive when they dissolve into the intensity of the present moment.
Love and self expression
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Conscious observation of the present moment: this is the meaning of Presence.

The Presence is the ability to see ourselves reflected in the mirror of the present. The ability to pass through any experience and see it simply for what it is, without judgment.

The ability to live life without labeling everything and everyone. The ability to feel love flowing freely and unhindered within ourselves.

Like a river irrigates the parched lands, restoring life after a drought, so does the Presence: it makes everything around it blossom.

California blooming like crazy after months of non-stop rains. Even deserts are covered with juicy bright flowers. The photo was made on Diamond Valley Lake a few days ago.
Photo by Sergey Shmidt / Unsplash
The more our minds become still, the more we live in the present moment. To live in the present means to return to our innocence where the simplicity of the Presence instantly cancels out the complications of the mind and all its vicious circles.

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