Although all candles are sources of light and energy, each candle according to its particular color has the ability to generate specific vibrations and sensations.

Your favorite candle color could reveal fascinating aspects of your life and your personality. Pick your favorite color and then discover its meaning.


1. Red Candle:

You characterize yourself as a bright, sophisticated, funny person, very efficient, passionate and determined. You tend to be interested and involved intensely with causes, jobs and people and when you have an objective in mind, most of your time, ideas and energy revolve around it. You have great determination and character and for this reason it is likely that sometimes some people have come to think that you are pretentious or arrogant. Remember that the comparison is a thief of happiness. Your main challenge and invitation is to enjoy intensely all that life has given you, because beyond the circumstances, your days are full of blessings.

2. Yellow Candle:

You are characterized as a hard-working person, with many goals, dreams and very creative. Creativity is your main tool and it allows you to find the route and the best way to materialize all your ideas and desires. You are also very eloquent and empathetic, you can understand other people and in many cases offer them protection and tranquility. By having so many dreams and plans, you are also likely to live with great anxiety and in the midst of some emotional ups and downs. Your main challenge is to learn to trust in youself and in your talent, because when you believe in yourself, you develop an extra strength capable of helping you materialize any goal that you want to accomplish in your life.

3. Orange Candle:

You characterize yourself as a sophisticated, intelligent, determined and very brave person. You know very well how good it is to be happy, develop and achieve your goals and objectives in life and for this reason you spend a lot of time interested in activities that help you in the process of becoming a better person. You have a great orientation to achievement and in this sense your biggest challenge is learning how to deal with frustration and failure. When something does not go as you wish or imagine, you get angry and doubt your abilities. Your main challenge is to understand that before triumph there will always be failures, but with love, work and will all your desires will become a sweet reality.

4. Green Candle:

You are characterized as a centered, noble and spiritual person, who wants to maintain control of their life and emotions. You are also a very kind person and interested in the awakening of your own conscience and that of the people you love the most. It is possible that sometimes you focus more on what you lack than on the multiple talents and abilities you have, feeling incomplete and coming to wish to have the qualities or characteristics of other people. Remember that this is an ego trap; every time it happens, make a recount of all the wonderful things that are in your life and keep moving forward through life with love and joy, because that is your essence of life.

5. Pink candle:

You characterize yourself as a generous, kind person, very cautious and in some cases insecure in yourself. You like to help others and feel valuable to strengthen your self-image. You have multiple talents and wonderful characteristics, some still not yet fully developed. Your main challenge is to learn to trust yourself, because you are the architect of your own destiny. If you want something it is necessary that you stand up and make it happen, with determination, love and goodwill. Remember that when you know what you want and want it with enough force, you will always find a way to obtain it.

6. Blue Candle:

You are characterized for being a very cooperative, sociable, sensitive person and in most cases, very prudent and wise. You have developed great skills to turn the problems and difficult situations on it’s face and make the best of a bad situation which in turn makes you a stronger person each and every day.

In your case, more than challenge, this test invites you to follow your life with love and kindness, because you can be sure that everything you sow with love, you will always reap abundantly.

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