The Strange Connection Between The Moon Cycles And Your Mood

If you think about the influence the moon has on the tides, it makes sense for it to have a powerful influence over us too

The Strange Connection Between The Moon Cycles And Your Mood

The lunar cycles have been closely followed and worked with in many contexts throughout history, and all over the world.

The moon influences the ocean and its tides, the growth of fruits and vegetables (in a biodynamic farm, planting is done in accordance with the lunar and solar cycles), as well as our own bodies and minds.


If you think about the influence the moon has on the tides, it makes sense for it to have a powerful influence over us too since we are mostly made of water as well. But can the moon have an influence on our emotional and psychic body as well?

Here is a breakdown of the most significant phases and how they may impact our mood and our actions. Make some observations over this next lunar cycle and see if you notice any patterns and connections between the lunar cycle and your feelings.

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New Moon

The new moon is the beginning phase of the lunar cycle, when seeds are planted and intentions set.

The new moon carries a fresh energy and potency, one that may spark a clarity of purpose and being within us.

This sky is darker at this time, turning us inward to our own creative light.

Darkness is associated with the divine feminine, with seeing the unseen, and heightened psychic ability. The new moon is a time to tune into your inner messages and the frequencies that want to connect with you. To cultivate these manifestations, set aside time for an intention-setting and a new moon ritual to honor your intentions for this new lunar cycle.

First Quarter

By now, the visible portion of the moon has grown greatly. She is what is referred to as “waxing”. Her light has increased and she is well on her way through her cycle. The first quarter moon is a time when we are likely to want to take action since there is a high energy level in the air.

This a great time to tap into the momentum and accomplish things. Remember that while the moon is growing, so is anything we are putting out into the world.

This means it’s an especially good time to keep a focus on what is working well for us, that for which we have gratitude, and what we wish to manifest.

It also means it’s not a great time for an argument or for being in a heated situation. Keep it peaceful, focused, and productive to get the most out of this time.

Full Moon

The light-filled moon, fully in her power, is an awesome time of the month. The lunar energy has heightened even more than at the first quarter and is in full force.

The full moon often brings a time of completion or manifestation. It is also true that emotions are heightened!

The full moon can make it harder to sleep, so the nights of and around the full moon are more likely to being insomnia (one sleep study showed that melatonin levels were lower at the full moon and people woke up feeling less refreshed).

Many people comment that they are more accident prone, emotional, or erratic at this time.

The full moon is a good time to use grounding practices to feel centered and avoid places where people are intoxicated or overly stimulated.

It’s a wonderful time for moon gazing, a simple practice of gazing at the full moon for a minimum of seven minutes. Many insights can come at this time! If you can’t sleep, use the time to dance, journal, or do something creative. Creative energies are heightened at the full moon.

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Third Quarter

The moon is now waning. Her light reached its peak and is dimming. The waning moon is a time of release. We are more sensitive and aware of endings. Our energy is moving inward again, moving toward the more yin and feminine time of the dark moon.

The third quarter moon can be a time when we find ourselves feeling upside down, or maybe just a sense of being neither here nor there. We aren’t in the potency of a full moon or the fresh start of a new moon.

There is a feeling of transition and perhaps fading. Remember that all parts of the cycle are essential and natural parts of the whole.

There is a time for beginnings, a time for release, and a time for reflection.

The third quarter moon is more reflecting and releasing in nature, so honor the natural rhythms and go with the flow.

Waning Crescent

This moon is a beautiful time to bring closure and endings. If there is something you’d like to release emotionally or physically, these days before the full moon are the time to do it. This can be as simple as decluttering your room, or something more elaborate such as writing down what you would like to release and safely burning.

During the waning crescent, it is common to feel more tired, have lower energy, and need more rest.

This time is also called the “dark moon” (the period before the new moon) and it is the best time for yin yoga, tea, going to bed early, and just generally being gentle with ourselves.

We may feel more introverted at this time and that it totally ok.

The cycle will soon begin again with the new moon! For now, rest and rejuvenate.

A dark sky with a small crescent moon in Hoch Geissberg
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Have you noticed any patterns of how the moon cycle affects you? Happy moongazing!

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Written by Emily Price
Emily Price is the creator of The Voluptuous Witch a body-positive health and wellness coaching practice dedicated to helping every person live their most luscious, magical life. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Article source: thespiritscience

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