The tarot rider has a very personal message for you.

Pick a card then read the message it has for you in this moment of your life.

The tarot rider has a very personal message for you.

Pick a card, then read its message for you in this moment of your life.



The tarot rider tells us that a period will arise to reflect on a change in your life that you have wanted to do but had doubts about. You'llYou'll have to decide already because it may be the last chance to make that change if you don'tdon't take it.

You will have to choose between two positive aspects. It'llIt'll be a good thing, but you can only select one option. Choose the option that you choose, it will be correct, and you will be satisfied.

You want a balanced life. You want to have control of yourself and feel that your life has order and balance. Now more than ever, it is an excellent time to give up bad habits and start the good ones. You will receive the willpower you need for anything you want to give up.


The card of the tarot rider announces that there will be very intense emotions, both positive and negative. Intense emotions of love and passion will arise, but perhaps some intense emotions about misunderstanding, envy, etc. However, the balance of these emotions will be positive.

Some difficulties will arise, which are solved without you having to get too involved. After this, you will realize which person in your environment is worth; and who is not.

You'llYou'll realize you made a mistake a while ago. Then, as time passes, you'll know what you want and go for it without going wrong again.


The tarot card says the next few months will give you a series of circumstances to take advantage of so that you are communicative and cheerful. For example, you will receive a lot of admiration from others, people will love you, and you will be requested because everyone wants to spend time with your company.