Trees are among the most necessary forms of life.

They are crucial for the survival of every living creature on the planet. Trees produce the oxygen we breathe, maintain the soil, regulate humidity and contribute to climate stability. Furthermore, they are capable of capturing the sun’s energy to make organic matter and release oxygen. Without trees, our life on this planet could not exist at all. Thus, trees are deeply connected with the energy of Earth at many levels, including the spiritual level.

Besides, trees can reveal important aspects of our life and our personality.

Without thinking too much, look at the trees, then select the one you like the most or that most resonates with you. Your choice will help you learn a lot about your personality.

Every tree is unique. Which tree do you choose?


1. Kind and honorable:

Since childhood, you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing. You firmly believe in the possibility of creating a better world for yourself and others. For this reason, you have great goals in your life (some even might think that you are a dreamer). But the source of your strength lies in love. You always live with Integrity, and you put a great effort and honesty to successfully carry out most of your projects for the good of everyone.

2. Fascinating and sincere

You are very trusting of people to the point of being often naive. However, you live with honesty and Integrity even when this means going against your personal interests.

You are indeed a person of good character, extremely responsible, honest, and who shows a sincere interest in others. For these reasons, people trust you. You are also gifted with ingenuity, so you can make quick decisions when it comes to helping people in need.

3. Wise and meditative

You have the innate gift to comfort, inspire and uplift others.

You are an intelligent and empathetic person. You give a lot of value to your thoughts and your ideas, and those of others, too. You like to understand how the world works at a spiritual level. You may look like a somewhat introverted person, but the reality is that you enjoy the company of people who sync your feelings and thoughts. You do want to waste your time with those who are not aligned with your highest vibrations.

4. Cheerful and courageous:

The two words that best describe your personality type are “happy and optimistic”. You are an intelligent, understanding, creative person, free from prejudices and who knows how to enjoy life. You can read people and understand what they hide within their hearts. Your mission is to brighten your existence and that of the people around you. Like a tree, you oxygenate the world with your ideas of change, transformation, and freedom.

5. Analytical and ideological

You are a very emotional person with high sensitivity. You feel the emotions of other people deeply to the point that you perceive them as yours. You have lots of qualities: you are charitable, kind, and confident. Thanks to your special way of perceiving the world, you have developed exceptional creativity. You also have a talent for the arts. Because you are very sensitive, you must retreat to your own spaces of calm and peace. Sometimes, you need to rest from the noise of the world and connect with your essential being.

6. Charming and Enthusiastic

You feel every emotion at its fullest, and you think that life should be lived with joy despite everything. You are a spontaneous person, full of enthusiasm, adventurous, responsible, and living in harmony with the universe. You want to build a better world for everyone. For this reason, you have developed many interests in the fields of well-being, environment, and health.

You can be both a great student and a great teacher. You are one of those people who know true values come from what you are and not from what you have.

Article reference:  zen-magazine