The Water You’re Drawn To Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

The water is connected to our psycho-emotional state and subconscious. Select your favorite water picture and find out what it reveals about you.

The Water You’re Drawn To Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

The water is connected to our psycho-emotional state and subconscious. Water is a pure, original knowledge, an intelligent force which is passive by itself until it comes into contact with a specific information field, where it begins to act in accordance with the received information.

Considering that water makes up 60% of the human body, it’s no surprise that we are so connected to this ever-changing element.

When we are depressed and tense, we swim in the sea, in the lake, in the river, or we lie in the bathtub and we feel the tension ease. For most of us, the ideal vacation is somewhere by the sea and we cannot even imagine a vacation without water… While swimming in the sea water we forget about all the problems, because we feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pick your favorite water picture and find out what it reveals about you:


1. The Calm Ocean

By being drawn to the peaceful ocean, you reveal yourself to be a gentle, comforting, giving soul with a sensitive nature. You are very compassionate and warm, and you’re eager to bring joy to those around you. You work hard and value responsibility, but you love nothing more than to let your hair down and have fun. You are very empathetic and compassionate, and you feel everything with your whole heart.

You are something of a mystery to most people. One half of you is charismatic and bubbly, while the other half is introverted and quiet; sometimes you’re adventuresome and eager to explore, while other times you’re happy to stay home and enjoy the quiet. But one thing about you is for certain: you never make a promise you can’t keep, and you always give everything your all.

By choosing the calm ocean — the symbol of distance, change, and cycles – this signifies that you will soon embark on a special trip. Whether it be physical or spiritual travel, you will be visited by the opportunity to expand your horizons and explore personally uncharted territory. If you embrace this chance, your life will be transformed in a very unexpected — and rewarding — way.

2. The Winding River

If you were drawn to the rushing river, this reveals a thoughtful, observant, inquisitive soul with a thirst for answers. You find great joy in learning and experiencing new things, and though you enjoy meeting new people as well, you’re happiest when alone with your thoughts. You love to explore the world around you, and you feel very connected to nature and the Earth. You are very drawn to animals, as they are to you too.

Because you have such a calm, warm energy, friends always feel comfortable turning to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You treasure your relationships, and you are very sentimental. You take great care of your possessions and your home, and you do everything with your whole heart.

Since you were pulled to the winding river – the symbol of reflection, progress, and motion — you will soon be given the opportunity to expand your horizons in a way you never thought possible. Perhaps it will come in the form of travel, a new friendship, or an unexpected opportunity, but no matter the form, it will be life-changing in the best way. Embrace it.

# 3. The Placid Lake

If you were drawn to the peaceful lake, this reveals that you have a calm, down-to-earth, and outgoing soul. Though you’re not quite a social butterfly, you’re happy to meet new people and expand your horizons. You always feel most at peace when surrounded by nature, and you have respect for all forms of life. You are genuine and warm, and you enjoy bringing happiness to the people you love.

Because you’re so incredibly giving and compassionate, you’d happily give someone in need the shirt off your back. You’re also the first people turn to when they need help — either spiritual or material. You are humble and hard-working. You are a salt of the earth person with a very kind heart.

Since you chose the calm lake — the symbol of strength, honor, and dependability — you will soon be entrusted with a big responsibility, one that will yield many wonderful things. You might not feel suited to the task at first, but just know that no one could do this job better than you. It will be so worth it.

4. The Lush Waterfall

If you were drawn to the rushing waterfall, this reveals a strong, passionate, and heartfelt spirit. You have a magnetic and captivating energy, so wherever you go, you make quite a splash. You are fiery, adventurous, and you have a childlike nature. You love to get lost — either in your thoughts or in a new land — and you have a very active imagination. Because of this, you are very creative (though only a treasured few might know this about you).

Though you are guided by your heart, and are very in-tune with your emotions, you always keep a cool head. You’re full of passion and you love to laugh, and though you have quite the flair for the dramatic, you have little patience for drama in your relationships. You are romantic, considerate, and always truthful. You take great joy in beauty and order.

Because you chose the lush waterfalls – the symbol of joy, celebration, and energy – you will soon receive very happy tidings, the thing you’ve been hoping to hear for a very long time. It might not come in the form you were expecting, but it will mark the beginning of a very joyous chapter in your life.

5. The Icy Waters

By choosing the icy, glacial waters, this reveals a bold, powerful, and sometimes mysterious personality. You are strong and captivating, making you a natural leader. No matter what the scenario, you are always observing tiny details, things that others tend to overlook. You have good instincts and are a wonderful judge of character, so people always value and trust your opinions and intuition.

Because you enjoy learning and experiencing new things, you’re always the life of parties, trips, and get-togethers. You can be counted on for a good laugh and an uplifting smile. You value loyalty, honesty, and integrity — and if you make a promise, you always keep it.

Since you chose the icy waters — symbolic of stability, depth, and adventure — this reveals that you will soon be challenged in a positive and rewarding way. You might be hesitant to embark on this quest, but have faith in your abilities. You will learn something incredible about yourself.

6. The Small Pond

If you were drawn to the small pond, this reveals a peace-loving, tranquil, and often introverted personality. You find joy in the small moments in life; what some might consider insignificant — a crawling ladybug, a colorful rose, a beautiful sunrise — you find striking and beautiful. You don’t like busy scenes or ugly behavior, so you stay clear of drama and chaos. You value quiet, coziness, and calm.

You have a tender spirit that people are drawn to, and you radiate sincerity and truth, which your friends greatly value. You might not have the loudest voice, but you are passionate, strong, and filled with emotion.

By choosing the small pond — the symbol of home, serenity, and tradition — this signifies that your family or home will soon expand. This could come in the form of a birth, adoption, or property expansion, and it could arrive on two legs or four.

No matter the form, your life will soon sweeten with the addition of new life and excitement.

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