10 Tips To Invite Angels Into Your Home

Angels can be welcomed into your home at anytime to protect you and your family. You just need to learn how and they'll be there for you!

10 Tips To Invite Angels Into Your Home

Angels can be welcomed into your home at anytime.

You just need to learn how and you will find these divine beings surrounding you.

Let’s face it we all need more love in our life and the angels are filled with love. So whenever we have a need they will be there to help.

You can invite your Angelic Team into your home, to infuse your home with more love, more light, and more compassion. And that is something that the whole world needs a lot of right now.


Tips To Invite In Your Angels

There are Guardian angels all around us. They are gentle beings and you may not feel are sense them near you, but they’re there, Archangels, too!

1. Learn About The Angels
In order to invite Angels into your home, it’s important to learn a little about them. I have written several articles, and an eBook on the angels and that can help you learn what each one does and how real they are. Find out which Angels resonate with you.

2. Choose your Angels
Once you’ve learned about the many Angels choose a few that you’d like to invite into your space for a specific need, time, or indefinitely.


There are no limits on the Angels’ as there are trillions of them. You could invite in not only your Guardian angels, but your children’s, your husband’s, your family, your friends, and whoever else you may think needs a little angelic help.

You do not need to know exactly which angel is theirs; just asking them will make a difference in everyone’s life.

3. Set Your Intention and Send Up the Request to Spirit
Writing is a powerful way to connect with the angels and you can write an invitation to those that you would like to be in your life. You can also call on them by just talking out loud or sending up a prayer to them. Make sure it is always done in a kind and respectful manner.

Remember you can ask for help in a specific area such as protecting your home, protecting your physical self, bringing in more light and removing the darkness.
Ask for them to remove any negative energy that has been left by someone else in your home.

4. Crystals
Crystals are wonderful reminders to your Angels that they are welcome in your home. Angels resonate with many different crystals, such as celestite, angelite rose quartz, and selenite, these are specifically meant to welcome in those from the Angelic Realm. Place them near windows or on sills, so that Angels interested in coming in, see this as an open invitation.


5. Light and Light Reflectors
Angels are beings of the Divine Light, therefore, they themselves often will manifest as light, often in varying colors. Providing the light source, for angels to use for manifestation, will assist the angels in appearing and manifesting in your home. You can use prisms, suncatchers, candles and any other ornament that reflects light.


6. Flowers, Garland and Wreaths
Angels often identify themselves through the use of flowers. Irises, pansies, gardenia, jasmine, daffodil and daisy are common flowers used by the Angelic realm as a sign of their presence.

Place these flowers in and around your home and you will find the angels coming around more often.

7. Angel Figurines
This is kind of an obvious choice. This is another sign from you to provide cues to the angels that they are welcome in your home at any time. A figure of an angel in your home is a sign of reverence and those divine beings will appreciate the gesture you have put forth and want to be around you.

8. Angelica Essential Oil, Basil, Roses, Oils and Incense.
Angels will often make themselves know by floral fragrances, so it is vital to have these oils and fragrances in your home as yet another sign that your Angelic team is welcome at any time.


9. Bells and chimes
We have all heard this quotation and it happens to be true. “Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings!” Angels do not necessarily get wings, but these gentle sounds invite the angelic realm to be with you. It is like music to their heavenly ears.

Bells or chimes, when sounded help cleanse the space that they’re around and send out an open invitation to those that are in harmony with it. The angels resonate to these sounds and we’ll be happy to join you.

10. A Welcome Sign
Place a suncatcher, cross, or wind chime in your windows, doors, pathway or driveway to invite these divine beings of light into your home. Say a little prayer when putting up these welcome signs inviting the angels to be in your home. This also stops negative energies from coming into your home. They do not like the light and love.

You now have all the tips you need to invite your Guardian angels, Archangels and any other Angel into your home.
They will be aware that you are there and inviting them in. Start today!

Angelic blessings to all of you!

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Originally written and published by Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor on August 26, 2017
Source: cherokeebilliespiritualadvisor
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