Spirit Guides: How Many Spirit Guides do we have?

There are at least four types of spirit guides. This article explains the differences between the four types of spirit guides and how they manifest their presence to us.

Spirit Guides: How Many Spirit Guides do we have?

Spirit guides are like beacons. They guide us through the treacherous waters of life, giving us guidance and pointing us in the right direction.

With the help of spirit guides, we never get lost.

Spirit guides come in many forms. From ancestral spirits to power animals, they appear to us in sometimes unpredictable ways. When we connect with our spirit guides, we receive all the guidance we need at any time and for any problem we are facing in our lives. Not all spirit guides have the same abilities or have the same purpose. They come to us when we need them most, and we must learn to connect with them to start living a fulfilling life and get all the answers we need.

There are at least four types of spiritual guides. This article explains the differences between the four types of spirit guides and how they manifest their presence to us.

1. Ancestors

Ancestors are more than relatives who have passed away. Our ancestors date back to the early days of our family. You can find your ancestors by tracing your family tree. Ancestors bring with them all the experience they have gained throughout the years. They bring their ancient wisdom to you to help you make wise decisions. They are always ready to respond to your requests and act fiercely to help protect and guide you. To connect with them, you must first sit in a quiet place out of the noise of the outer and inner worlds. Ancestors work telepathically. To get their help and advice, relax and start asking: what is the best decision I can make to solve this problem? You might not receive an instant response, but in a short time, maybe when you wake up the following morning, the solution will be clear in your mind and just before your eyes. And if you do not know your lineage, do not worry. Your ancestor spirits are always around you, waiting to hear from you.

2. Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals, also known as Power Animals, are messengers that come in the form of certain animals, such as horses, wolves, dolphins, tigers, birds, and even more 'ethereal' animals, such as butterflies, ladybugs, or dragonflies. However, their aspect can sometimes be scary. Spirit animals can also be spiders or snakes, indeed!

The aspect of the Spirit Animals plays an essential role in the connection between them and us. We might not see them or 'meet' them in person. But they can manifest in a documentary, or in a movie, a song, or a book. Or they might live inside your house as 'unwanted visitors' (like spiders or snakes…).

Every animal brings a message for you deeply rooted in its attributes. When you spot one of these animals, their Spirit tells you about what is happening in your life. Do you see (or dream) of a growling tiger or a howling wolf at night? Or do you spot a snake or a spider inside your house while hiking in nature? Your Spirit Animal tells you that a potentially dangerous person or situation threatens you. Be cautious with whom you speak, and pay attention to warning signs that might forecast something terrible that will happen to you (a corker who harasses you, or a friend or partner who's cheating on you,…). But their 'presence' is a warning, so if you see one of these animals, you can prepare to face what is coming into your life with a bold spirit.

On the other hand, you might spot a dragonfly or a ladybug. That would mean you will experience a pleasant surprise, be it an unexpected sum of money, a new job, or a new love….

Spirit Animals play an essential role in our lives, and their presence is always a gift that helps us make the best decision for ourselves and for all involved.
What is a Spirit Animal? Why is it so important for you?
Your Spirit Animal is an instinctive part of you that can help you in all fields of life. Do not miss the chance to discover your Spirit Animal!

3. Earth Spirits

Earth spirits live in trees, plants, and even bodies of water.

They are everywhere, be they near you or far away from you. An Earth Spirit might live inside a tree you pass on every day when you go to work. It could also be a tree on your daily running or walking path. If so, do not forget to hug that tree (we hug trees and feel their gentle power flow through ourselves).

Establishing a physical connection with a tree allows you to develop a spiritual relationship with them. Earth Spirits can lend you guidance and wisdom when you demonstrate your devotion to the earth and the well-being of all-natural things around you.

If you feel drawn to a particular place or plant, try meditating beside it.  Because plants have roots, their message is generally rooted in our deepest beliefs and values rather than chasing dreams that might be impossible to achieve. Plants and trees remind us to be humble and honest, true to ourselves and others. They bring us the same ancient wisdom of our ancestors but at a higher level. The same is for lakes, creeks, and rivers. Since immemorial time, they have been here on earth and contain all the world's wisdom lurking under their calm surface. They remind us that sometimes calmness is the best answer, even in situations that create 'noise' inside our souls.

A quiet lake, or a creek with its voice, whispers to us with its gentle Spirit, reminding us to stay calm even when everything around us is a mess.

4. Angels

Angels are Divine Beings created by God to protect us.

They bring healing, protection, and important messages into our lives. Angels always act for our Highest Good.

The term "Angel" comes from the Latin word "Angelus," which in its turn, comes from the Greek "ἄγγελος" having the meaning of messenger, in this case, "messenger of God."

An Angel is a messenger of Divine Love whose compassionate actions positively impact other people's lives. It is crucial to learn how to recognize their presence in our lives. Angels send us signs because they are not 'real' beings but entities who look over us and intervene when we need their help. However, Angels cannot intervene in your life unless you ask them to do so. They respect your free will. The sacred law of free will doesn't allow them to intervene in your life without your permission. Remember that every time you ask for help, Angel fulfills their purpose. The immediate help of angels is available to you at any time and at any place. Invite and welcome them into your life.

The best way to ask for signs from the Angels is to pray to them. As we explain in our book 365 Prayers to the Angels, the power of prayer is the best way to ask for the Angels' help and get all the answers you need.

If you want to make your Prayers work amazingly, there are some rules to follow.

Here are some:

1. Relax, make yourself comfortable, and ensure you will not be disturbed when you start your prayer.

After taking a few relaxing breaths, bring your awareness to your heart and breathe more deeply for a few seconds than usual.
Breathe in and breathe out through your heart. Imagine breathing in and breathing out love and light. As you start to breathe deeply, you can also place your hands over your heart to better focus on your heart-centered breathing. In this way, you raise your vibration and begin to tune in to the angelic realms. Knowing your heart's power and connecting with the highest vibrations of love are the keys to communicating with your Angels. Angels speak the language of the heart, do everything for love, and respond with love.

Angels can hear your heartfelt plea, so if you are sincere in your request, they will listen to you and get the message to step in and help.

2. Read your prayer

When your heart is open, the angelic realm becomes accessible to you. Now you can open the book and pick up your prayer. You can open it randomly or, if you prefer, read the prayers in the book's order. Focus only on your chosen prayer, as if the outer world does not exist. If the circumstance allows you, read it out loud. If you cannot do this, say the prayer silently, simply moving your lips. If any thought crosses your head, let it go and focus on your heart and prayer.

While you pray, you may feel a gentle breeze flowing across the room or a light touch on your shoulder.

You might also feel chills or goosebumps as the confirmation that your Angels are there. These signs are the Angels' way of telling you that they are with you and listening to your prayer.

3. Set powerful intentions

When you pray, set powerful intentions. What does 'intention' mean? The intention is the energy that you attach to your prayer. Say, visualize, and feel the words of the prayer. The heart is the fuel that empowers your prayers with its intentions. There is great power in setting intentions and creating a designated direction through words. Intentions state your willingness and openness to receive. A powerful intention is the best way to declare that you are ready to receive the Angels.

4. Visualize Angels and hand everything over to them

When you pray, imagine Angels are all around you, wherever you are at the moment of your prayer. When you visualize Angels around you, you effectively call them into your presence. Then release all expectations of how they will answer your request.

Now you know everything about Angels and Spirit Guides. Make the best out of this reading, and prepare to live a fulfilled life!