Do You Really Want to Change the World? Do This

How do you know if you are truly making a difference in this world? How can you make change happen?

Do You Really Want to Change the World? Do This

Every thought and all beliefs produce consequences. If we believe life is pain and sacrifice, our world will be so. Things will always remain the same if we continue to think that the world is unjust and that we do not have the power to change it.

The world is as it is because we continue to believe that suffering and injustice are unavoidable because we think this is the only possible world.

As soon as we cease to believe in the illusion of suffering and injustice, the vision of a new world instantly opens up before our eyes.

It is through the change of our vision that the entire world will change.
Sunset in Solitude
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The old world will lose its power and dissolve when enough human beings in every corner of the world awaken to the Oneness. The energies previously committed to support their egos and their separate individualities will merge into the consciousness of the Oneness and begin to cooperate for the Greater Good. A planetary wave of energy will generate, and the world as we have known it so far will crumble before our eyes.

When we surrender ourselves to Truth, we become conscious that we are all One and the vision of Heaven on Earth becomes our natural way to look at the world.

A vision in which the unity of the All, no longer set under the false pretenses of conflicts and separation, manifests itself for what it is: Love and Bliss.

The world is always as we expect to see it. Let’s start to see and feel it as Heaven on Earth, as a place of peace and abundance, a place in which everyone has loving care for every other human being, in the same way, they have for themselves. A place where everyone respects others as they respect themselves. A place where everyone puts their lives in service to the common good.

Photo by Drew Beamer / Unsplash

Nothing can ever really change without a profound shift in our vision of the world.

Our vision is the mold that shapes reality. If we begin to visualize a world of love in harmony with Mother Earth and start to believe in a new way of living founded on brotherhood, solidarity, and tolerance, the world will change accordingly. If we stop judging and cease to believe that there are the downtrodden and the persecutors, the victims, and the executioners, good people and bad people, the world will change accordingly.

If renouncing our separations and our inner conflicts, we begin to bring harmony and peace into our hearts and our lives, the world will change accordingly.

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