What Is The True Meaning Of Compassion? Is Being Compassionate Always A Good Thing?

Explore the depths of compassion, its virtues, and its limitations. Is compassion always advantageous? Gain valuable insights from this article.

What Is The True Meaning Of Compassion? Is Being Compassionate Always A Good Thing?
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Compassion is a state of being; it does not respond to any need but gives unconditionally.

As the moon reflects the sun's light, compassion is the reflection of Unconditional Love.
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Compassion is not an emotion because emotions are not permanent, like the high and low tides that come and go.

Compassion is a permanent state of being. To feel compassion means to be in a never-ending state of loving and non-judgmental understanding toward everyone.

Compassion gives us the ability to read the emotions of others without identifying ourselves with them.

Compassion is love in action and always carries a natural desire to help and sustain those who suffer.

How much compassion do you feel within your heart? How much pain do you see around you? How strong is your desire to help others at any cost?

However, helping someone at all costs violates the sacred law of Free Will. According to cosmic law, Angels cannot intervene in the lives of human beings until their help is requested. The same law applies to human beings.

We can help others only when we have been asked to do so. When someone is suffering, we can offer, always and anyway, to be there for them, but we are free to intervene only when we have the consent of their souls.

“Remember: darkness is an illusion that disappears with the light. When you decide, I'll be there for you, but the decision must be yours.”

Souls, before incarnating, choose, with Free Will, which path to walk: what steps to take, and which trials to face for their evolution. And if they still do not learn from past trials, they will continue to face similar trials until they consciously decide to turn their experiences into awareness and love. Nobody can do this for themselves.

Compassionate action is always unselfish and free from any expectation. It is deeply rooted within the soul and excludes the involvement of the emotional sphere and our projective mechanisms.

To feel compassion for those who suffer does not imply that we should suffer with or for them, nor that we have any expectation that they can heal their lives.

Unconditional Love, together with compassion, works for the good of everyone without expectations.

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