The Dream Catchers are amulets typical of Native American tribes, which were located at the entrance of their huts with the purpose of allowing only the entrance of energy, animals and kindhearted people. Afterwards, they were also used to filter people’s dreams, let only the good dreams, tranquil and revealing.

Dream catchers protect sleeping people from evil spirits. It is believed that with his help you can find inspiration and joy, understand the causes of what is happening in your life. It all depends on the feathers, pebbles and the color of the “catcher”.

Which one will you choose?


No. 1

You are one of those who like to exaggerate. You tend to be reflective and self-conscious, so often minor events cause a storm of emotions. Don’t keep everything to yourself, but at the same time learn to calm down, look at things philosophically.

If you get this priceless skill, then in the near future something very bright and joyful will happen to you, which you have been waiting for a very long time.

No. 2

Be prepared – serious changes are coming! In a sense, everything in your life will start from scratch. Gather and concentrate all your energy and strength on yourself. You have a chance to make drastic changes. The only is you must abandon your old bad habits and stereotypes!

No. 3

Love is waiting for you, or something very warm and personal. Your heart has been burned more than once, it has been hurt, it was lonely and cold, but all that will soon come to an end. Happiness will find you soon. In the meantime, give your smile, love and care to those around you.

What we give back will definitely return to us.

It is very important to know that something good is waiting for you in this life. Or someone…

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