Select Your Symbol and Uncover Your Soul Type

Unveil the distinct soul type that resides within you by selecting one of these age-old Indian symbols. Each symbol embodies a different kind of soul, so be sure to make your selection wisely to uncover your true nature.

Select Your Symbol and Uncover Your Soul Type

Discover the unique soul type that inhabits your being by choosing from these ancient Indian symbols.

We have souls who have been in this world for longer than we have been. Our souls are eternal; they take a different body when one body degrades and dies. While the body may disappear and mix with the ashes, the soul lives on and remains in this world for eternity.

These ancient Indian symbols represent 8 different kinds of souls that inhabit this planet, and your choice would determine the type of soul you possess.

Discover your soul type by choosing an Indian symbol that represents it. Each symbol embodies a unique soul, so choose wisely to reveal your true nature.

Go ahead, make your choice.



If this is the symbol you chose, then chances are that you have a soul which is new to this world. It has come into existence not too long ago, and you may be the first person to carry it in yourself. Your soul, therefore, needs exploration and understanding. It has yet to find its true purpose and needs to know what the world is all about before it can find its destiny. It is pure in its own way and unadulterated by the world's vices.

Your soul, therefore, is pristine, pure, and radiant. You are free to shape and mold your soul how you see fit, as your actions and thoughts determine how it sees the world. If your actions are significant, your soul will thrive, and if your thoughts are conceited, they will lose their innocence and be one with the darkness surrounding the world.


If this is the symbol you chose, then your soul forms a link between two extremities of good and evil. The two ends of the image signify the two extremes of a personality. Your soul has been balancing the two ends for a while, knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Your soul, therefore, has grown to make the right choices. It makes decisions based on what it understands rather than how it judges. It is a tough act, and you may feel the struggle at times, but the fact is that your soul knows more than you could imagine, and when the choices become burdensome, they will come to your aid. You will find options when you need them the most, and only if you trust your spirit would it reveal the beauty that it hides within itself.


If this is your choice, you have a soul born to nurture and care for others. It has come to this world to heal those who need your help, and you would always find your soul hurting when you see someone in pain. It is a kind soul which feels the pain of others, and only when you help them would you find peace.

Your soul, therefore, is a healer of other broken souls. It is the one to comfort you and those who seek comfort through you. You would usually find yourself in situations where you can either be of help or move away, and it is in these situations that your soul will direct you to act kindly.


If this symbol was your choice, you would have a soul shrouded in mystery and enigma. It falls in the grey zone between right and wrong and will forever be beyond description. Your soul cannot be put into a particular category as it lies nowhere but moves from one side to the other of morality.

Your soul, therefore, adds a dimension of complexity to your personality. It makes your character move beyond the norms of society and makes you a rebel of a kind. You would never be satisfied with following the rules as your soul was never meant to follow. Your soul would always push you to move against the stream and make your own way. You would, hence, always be looking at things differently, as your soul would never accept conformity.


If this is your choice, then your soul is representative of the vastness of the universe. It keeps within itself the beauty of the skies and the enormity of the oceans. It is beyond the imagination of mere mortals, and the wisdom it possesses is incredibly surreal.

Your soul, therefore, is meant to unravel the deeper meaning of life, and your life would be in pursuit of things that mean more to humanity than to an individual. Your soul will always guide you toward the larger truths of life, and you will never be satisfied with worldly pleasures or the trivial things in life. Only when you understand your true purpose will you be able to find peace in life.


If this symbol is your choice, then you have a soul which is warm by nature. It is a soul which welcomes one and all into being one with it. It never rejects people, no matter who they are, but comforts them as best as possible. Your soul has a light that brings out your personality's optimism and fills you with hope.

Your soul, therefore, makes you gentle, calm, and warm. It adds to your kind personality and brings out your love for others. The warmth of your soul drives you to comfort those in need, and the optimism of its being gives hope to others. You would always be driven to radiate hope, and your optimism would bring assistance to those who have lost their all.


If this symbol is your choice, you have a soul that is active, alert, and itching to succeed. Your soul is driven to succeed, not alone but with a company. Your soul has an infectious energy, adding to your personality's vibrant nature. Your soul radiates a power of will and will never let you rest till you pursue your true dreams.

Your soul, therefore, is a bundle of unbridled energy. It is warm, driven, and highly demanding. It would demand you always to give your best, pushing you to your limits. But it would also ensure that you don't get vain in your success and always remember those who helped you reach where you are. Your soul will keep you humble, and your humility will define who you truly become.


If this is your chosen symbol, you have a soul with fire in it. It is a soul burning with passion and desire. Your soul has a sense of purpose driving it and will not rest until it achieves what drives it forward. It has rage in it but also love, which makes your soul so incredibly enigmatic.

Your soul would, therefore, always push you to excel. It will drive you to be better every day, but it will not let you rest until you fulfill your desires. When you love, you'll love with the passion of the gods, and when you seek vengeance, it will unleash hell's fury. Your soul will be your guide, and it will always push your limits to the horizon and beyond.