The Five Most Common Ways Angels Bring You Guidance and Messages

Angels' guidance makes our lives safe and enlightened. Pay attention to intense emotions or physical sensations you feel out of the blue. They are signs your Angels are communicating with you

The Five Most Common Ways Angels Bring You Guidance and Messages

Angels are our guardians and guides.

They are divine spiritual beings that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime. They are messengers of God and are here to help bring about peace on Earth (which is God's will), one person at a time. As messengers, one of their primary functions is to give us messages to guide us two adds happiness, our purpose, love, joy, and peace.

An angel in a cemetery, weathered by time, but still a powerful image
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Each person has a unique team of guardian angels. For some, this team may consist of one angel, while others could have several. If you feel the need, you can always ask for more angels to join your team. These angels respect your free will and will not interfere in your life unless requested or if your life is in danger before your time. However, they send subtle messages and guidance to help us achieve our highest good, purpose, and peace. You can ask for advice from your angels whenever you need it, especially if you seek reassurance or confirmation of your intuition. Even if you don't directly ask, the angels may still send you relief. The more open you are to communicate with your angels, the more messages and guidance you will continually receive.

To put it shortly, the more you believe, the more you receive.

If you are wondering whether you are receiving messages from your angels, one way to determine it is to have faith and trust your intuition. These messages are frequently custom-made for the recipient, so only you may recognize their significance. If you feel that something is guidance from your angels in your heart, it indeed is. Many will experience some common messages but may need to realize them because they differ from what is expected or perceived as an Angel message. The Angels are simple and do not necessarily make grand gestures when sending messages; they use what's available and are part of our daily lives.

Here are five common ways your angels bring you guidance and messages:

1. Nature Messengers

Nature is very spiritual, so it's no surprise the angels work with the natural world to communicate with humanity; we are part of nature, after all. Some common messages from nature include butterflies, rainbows, birds, and animals. Bird and animal symbolism is fascinating because each visitor that repetitively crosses your path has a different message. Hawks, for instance, are a sign to follow your intuition. There are many articles and books you can find about these kinds of symbolic messages to help you understand precisely what your Angels and their animal friends want you to know (You might also want to know what your Spirit Animal is and what it means for you).

What is a Spirit Animal? Why is it so important for you?
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2. Songs and Music

Music is a universal language. Angels can communicate through songs and music, which they use to convey messages in various ways. For example, lyrics can confirm your innermost feelings, while a melody can uplift your mood and provide reassurance that everything will turn out fine. Sometimes, it might be a representation of your guardian angel's presence; I have such a song and always hear it when I need it most (even though it is an old song and not particularly popular on the radio any longer, it always seems to be played just when I need it).

3. Technology

The Angels love using technology-related methods to get our attention and provide us with needed information. (Things such as billboards, commercials, Facebook posts, blog articles, emails, etc.) Have you ever been focused on a pending decision, and then, soon after, you see a television commercial that helps you make your choice? Or you may come across a random email or article about the topic you are deciding on. This synchronicity is divinely orchestrated. I find it very helpful to ask the Angels to send me the information and resources I need when pondering a choice; it's precisely how I recently planned a family vacation!

4. Sights, Sounds, and Smells

The Angels understand the skeptical nature of human beings and our "seeing is believing" philosophies. Since we often question our 6th sense, they send us messages perceptible through other senses like sights, sounds, and smells. Seeing Angel shapes (I see them frequently in clouds), sparks of light, and flickering lamps are all common messages from your Angels. Hearing ringing in your ear, like a pleasant frequency, often occurs as confirmation of your intuition. The scent of roses or flowers is a sign your Angels are near to help calm and reassure you in a time of need or to cheer you on. These messages are not a coincidence or your imagination. They are forms of divine communication that support following your intuition and faith.

5. People Messengers

Angels work through other people to send you messages, encouragement, and inspiration. They use people in your life, or sometimes strangers, to tell you what you need to hear directly. These experiences are widespread; usually, it happens when you have been contemplating an issue or decision and need some guidance, only to receive confirmation of your true feelings in a casual conversation with a friend who mentions the topic or gives you some much-needed information. I have even had a waitress tell me a piece of information about something I desperately need and otherwise would never have found!

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This Divine communication all starts with your free will. If you are interested in learning more about your intuition (mainly how angels communicate with us), then you are being guided to do so; the spirit is reaching out to help you. Make a choice and ask your angles, "What would you like me to know?" Learning to recognize their guidance is very useful. Otherwise, you might dismiss your intuitive feelings as fake or coincidence and miss out on the incredible help you are receiving. The most important thing is to learn to have not only faith in God but faith in yourself. Trust your instincts and intuition about everything! When uncertain, ask your angels for a sign to confirm what you sense about a situation, decision, person, or anything else. Follow the signs your receive.

Through various books and Intuitive Angel Readings, we can better understand our angels' messages, guidance, signs, and symbols. As we become more attuned to these messages, we will feel the loving presence of our angels and strengthen our intuitive angel awareness.