Powerful Affirmations For Overcoming Fears and Embrace Your Courage

Courage is a skill that can be learned. By reading and repeating these powerful affirmations, you’ll be on your way to a braver and bolder life.

Powerful Affirmations For Overcoming Fears and Embrace Your Courage
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I allow myself to feel fear,

because I have the courage

and the greatness to overcome it.

for overcoming fears


When my mind is silent

my heart is fearless.


I release the fear

of being rejected and losing love

if I am emotionally honest

and I experience the joy of loving

with an open, expanded heart.

Brindar siempre lo mejor de ti.
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I am not my anger,

my fears and my attachments,

I am my highest potential.

I am the Bliss, the Love

and the Compassion.


The fears that you do not face

today will come back

magnified tomorrow.


Where the power of fear ends,

the power of love begins.

In the Kingdom of Love,

there is no room for ego and fear.

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My fear of Loving is gone.

I Love to Love.

I Love to be Loved.


By losing your fears,

you find yourself.

This girl came to me to be photographed when she’d had a long relationship and she wanted to rescue all the essence she had. It was something exciting, all the sunflowers were spectators of her beauty, she was the sun!
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Don’t fear fear,

just breathe.


When you lose your fears,

you are ready to fly because

you no longer have the fear of falling.

The affirmations you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today, a collection of 365 powerful affirmations to enlighten every day of your life.

From our book "365 Mantras For Today"

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