7 Affirmations To Help You Forgive Yourself And Be Happy

There is no greater forgiveness than forgiveness for yourself.

7 Affirmations To Help You Forgive Yourself And Be Happy
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With the healing power

of forgiveness, I overcome

every mistake I have ever made.

With my compassionate heart,

I forgive myself.


I cannot change what I have done,

but I forgive myself for having done it.


I release all my feelings of guilt

and I stop punishing myself

through shame and failures.

I forgive myself.

Let go and be free
Photo by Darius Bashar / Unsplash


I clear my cellular memory

from the destructiveness of my repressed emotions, from the poison

of unexpressed resentment and anger.

I heal my body and my life

through the power of  self forgiveness.


I allow myself to feel happy

without feeling guilty.

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By forgiving myself,

I let go of my past

and allow my future to arrive.


There is no greater forgiveness

than the forgiveness for myself.

The affirmations you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today, a collection of 365 powerful affirmations to enlighten every day of your life.

From our book "365 Mantras For Today"

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"I succeed in everything I do."
"I am love."
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"I give myself permission to be happy."

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