5 Important Signs from Angels and their Meaning

Whenever you are not sure about a decision, you can ask your angels for a sign to validate your emotions and make the right decision.

5 Important Signs from Angels and their Meaning

5 Angelic Signs That You Should Not Ignore

An angel serves as a spirit guide and protector. It is a celestial being of white light and love that stands by us to help us through our entire lives. There is a guardian angel or team of angelic guides for every human being. Since birth, we all have had a team of divine beings on our side. An angel will honor our choices based on free will without trying to interfere unless we ask them to do so.

When we seek angelic guidance, our angels will attempt to communicate with us through telepathy, intuitive (gut) responses, or other alternative routes.

Whenever you are not sure about a decision, you can ask your angels for a sign to validate your emotions.

These angelic signs will help you feel you are on the right track, boost your confidence to go on and increase your intuition.

Angels can communicate with us in several ways. But the signs they are trying to reach us are exclusive to each person. So whenever our angelic team wants to grab our attention, give us a warning or remind us of something important, they will express it differently.

Here are 5 of the most common angelic signs we should not dismiss:

Ringing Sound in The Ears

Ear-ringing sounds are one of the most common ways our angels choose to communicate with us. These are a sign that the angels are on our side so that they offer help and comfort to us.

Ear ringing can also signify a form of assurance and validation -that all our thoughts and words (the moment the ringing sound emerges) are primary. It’s a sign that we need to focus more on our circumstances and that our intuition is spot on.

Seeing the number 11

Numbers constitute a universal language used by angels to interact with us. Depending on the number we encounter, seeing patterns of specific numbers on repeat, e.g., 11:11 or 11:00, has symbolic meaning.

The number 11 is a number with various symbolic meanings. For example, it’s a sign that angels keep sending to grab our attention for something.

The number 11 generally symbolizes awakening. However, it is also a reminder to be cautious and shift our attention to our thoughts and words as we can manifest reality.

Finding feathers

Finding feathers is an obvious sign from our guardian angels that we must keep our faith strong.

It is a validation that everything will be fine and that we are not “walking” alone in our paths. It’s also a sign to seek intuitive guidance from our angels.

Seeing Hawks

Hawks are a symbol of intuition. Hence, your angels use hawks as a sign that we need to focus on our intuition as it is correct, even though it may sometimes clash with the opinion of others.

Seeing hawks is a major indicator that we should not ignore our intuition and serve as a warning to prevent any issues in the near future.

Solar Plexus Sensations

Solar Plexus is a very sensitive chakra to external energies. Therefore, our angels usually send specific sensations to this chakra to tell us something is off.

As the chakra is located a few inches above our belly button, we often feel a sense of discomfort, nausea, or a butterfly sensation in the spot whenever angels send us a sign.

We should ignore these sensations; however, we should also focus more on everything around us and the time it happens.