Pick A Card and Learn More About Your Emotional Subconscious

Which card do you resonate with today? Your favorite card will tell more about your emotional subconscious.

Pick A Card and Learn More About Your Emotional Subconscious

Through its use of archetypes, the Tarot can reflect your current mental and emotional state. Having the Tarot provide this insight helps you navigate through your day.

Before you choose a card, take a long, slow breathe in, on the exhale, drop your shoulders, allowing your self to relax. Glance over the three cards below, which one do you resonate with today?

Choose a card then read the explanation


The Heirophant

You are in need of structure and regulations. At this time it is easier to follow the rules rather than sift through the many decisions. You find it is easier to follow the status quo. You may be the one laying down the law, a gentler approach to keeping order.


The Hanged Man

You have this feeling of not really knowing what to do. Every choice presented to you comes with a multitude of outcomes, none of which are all too clear. It is easier, and often wiser to wait it out for a bit. You could also be at a crossroad, waiting for someone to make the next move. You can’t do anything until another reacts. Hanging in there is all you can do.


The Sun

The dust has settle and everything has worked out just fine. The stress and indecision is gone and you are wrapped in a warm blanket of joy. This feeling of glee is reminiscent of those younger days when all you had to do was play; when the rules and guidance fell on someone else, and you were safe and carefree. You are feeling giddy, playful and finding fun in everything you do. ​


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