May 2021 Full Flower Supermoon, Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse: What More Could You Want?

Get ready for one of the most exciting events in 2021: May's 'Blood Supermoon' will be the most spectacular Full Moon in years!

May 2021 Full Flower Supermoon, Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse: What More Could You Want?

Get ready for one of the most exciting events in 2021: May's 'Blood Supermoon' will be the most spectacular Full Moon in years!

A Supermoon is not 'just another Full Moon.'

May's Full Moon will be the closest Full Moon of the year, making it the second of two Supermoons following the spectacular April's Full Pink Supermoon.

According to, the term Supermoon refers to the moon's proximity to Earth, having first been coined in 1979 by the astrologer Richard Nolle.

Any Full or New Moon within 90 percent of perigee – its closest approach to Earth – is considered a Supermoon.

According to Nasa, the full moon on May 26 will be just 157 kilometers (98 miles) closer to Earth than April's Pink Supermoon.

May's Full Flower Moon (also referred to as Blood Moon) reaches its peak on Wednesday, May 26! Plus, it coincides with a total lunar eclipse in some areas of the world. Here's everything you should know about this month's unique (and extraordinary!) full moon, including how it came to be called the "Flower Moon" and the "Blood Moon."

Why is it called the Flower Moon?

Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred, not solely to the full moon. May's Flower Moon name should be no surprise; flowers spring forth across the world in abundance this month!

Why is it also called the Blood Moon?

This month's full moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth stands directly between the moon and the Sun, which results in Earth casting its shadow on the moon. The moon is entirely obscured by Earth's shadow during a total lunar eclipse, giving the moon a reddish hue. This phenomenon has given birth to the term "blood moon."

What does this Supermoon mean from a spiritual point of view?

May's powerful Supermoon brings up karmic wounds from the past: it invites purging and purification from the old, from fear and suffering. It is a necessary step we need to take to go through and move forward to a brighter future.

Everything revolves, once again, around its name. We are One with Mother Earth and what happens at a planetary level also occurs at a human level. We have been waiting for new energies to come into our lives, especially during these challenging times of coronavirus. In the wintertime, nature sleeps. In May, nature blooms. Everything seems ready for new energy to come, opening up the whole world to new opportunities, a new life, and - it goes without saying - a new bloom.

Like flowers, we are now ready to cleanse our energy and that of the whole planet. This Flower Moon is a call to action for all those who feel there is still room for a better world. In winter, everything goes through a purification process. We let go of something old to make room for something new. Now the time has come. This Supermoon is telling us: "no more excuses!".

The energies of the Full Flower Moon are potent but are not disruptive. There's nothing to be worried about. We have to embrace change and make the best out of it. This Supermoon asks us to be courageous, step out of our comfort zone, start new projects, look for new opportunities, and sometimes do the unexpected. The time has come to change your job, or change the place you live and move to another town, state, or nation. If you're feeling overwhelmed by how grand your soul's purpose may be, this full moon will also give you the necessary tools to take action and go beyond your limits.

This Flower Moon is telling us that the only limitations we have are self-imposed. We have already seen another Supermoon this year (April's Pink Supermoon). The message from these two Supermoons is to kickstart a new life based on positive thoughts and actions. There is nothing more exciting than going above and beyond boundaries and limitations of any kind. However, life tends to keep us running a 9 to 5 life, filled with mortgages, bills, and the like. This Supermoon shows you that you can change your life without giving up on your expectations and lifestyle. Fear is limiting you. The ultimate message from this Supermoon is: you are like a precious flower, and there's no better time than now to bloom and spread your inner power like the flowers of May!

Do not miss this Full Supermoon!

Full Blood Moon Image by Ulrike Bohr from Pixabay