44 Powerful Affirmations for Meditation to Feel Positivity And Inner Peace

Getting rid of anxiety and finding inner peace may seem impossible. But if you want to learn how to obtain harmony, read our positive affirmations for meditation.

44 Powerful Affirmations for Meditation to Feel Positivity And Inner Peace
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Need some meaningful affirmations to start your day? Need a little extra positivity to uplift your day?
Scroll through these 44 powerful affirmations and manifest your way to a joyful, positive life.


I release unnecessary things

and unnecessary stress.

I stay focused only on

my spiritual path to enlightenment.


I let my pure light shine

through the mirror of my life

and everything, as a reflection

of my Inner Light, comes to me

in beauty and happiness.

Feel deeper. Think higher
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I breathe with my heart.

I breathe in Love,

I breathe out Love.

I am Love.


I deserve the best and I attract

only good things in my life.


I open my life

to the limitless potential

of my spiritual gifts.


I trust myself.

I succeed in everything I do.

I succeed in Life without effort.

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Everyone I encounter in my life

is a divine instrument that teaches me

what I need to learn when I am

ready to learn.


I am fully satisfied with my life.

All that I have is all that I want.


I feel positive,

this is how I cultivate good luck.


I look at the world with purity

through the eyes of a child.

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I recognize and honor God in others,

I recognize and honor God within myself.


I love the world

as a reflection of the Love

that I have for myself.

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My mind is stillness.

I stop thinking, I stop seeking.


Judging others,

I give power to the mind.

Accepting others,

I give power to Love.


I take a breath,

I relax my body, I feel my heart:

I am a precious, wonderful,

unique and unrepeatable

miracle of Love.


With the healing power

of forgiveness, I overcome

every mistake I have ever made.

With my compassionate heart,

I forgive myself.

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Everything in my life

is in divine order

and has been created that way

so I can learn from everything

that happens.


Before doing anything,

I make my intentions clear

and everything happens

as a perfect result

of my clear intentions.


What I resist, persists.

What I accept, flows.

I hiked nearly a hundred miles in Iceland, and yet one of my best photos from the trip was only a 2-minute walk from the parking lot.
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I stop doing

what I do not want to do

and what others want me to do.

I have the courage

to live a life true to myself.


I release my belief

that I always have to fight

or struggle in order to achieve

something in my life.

I allow the natural abundance

of everything in the Universe

to flow freely into my life.


I manifest the pure Love

that I am in every thought,

word and action.

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Even if I have been hurt,

now I open my heart again

to give and to receive love.

I feel protected, I feel sure,

I feel safe.


I free my mind from every

thought of judgment,

criticism and condemnation

of myself and others.

I align my thoughts with

the highest vibrations of Love.


I feel compassion

for all living creatures.

My heart emanates Divine Love.


I send love

to all of the relationships

in my life that need help

and I let the power of love

work on them.


My heart is an endless spring

of bliss and joy.

I go there to refresh, purify

and make myself happy.

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I am part

of one universal Mind

in one infinite ocean of energy.


In all the universe,

there is no one else exactly like me.

I am unique, I am Me.


I stop being occupied

by wishing for what I do not have,

I am thankful for all that I have.


I overcome my ego,

I develop the spirit of surrender.

Before storm
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I allow myself to feel worthy

of the love I receive.


I align every emotion, thought and action

with the purpose of my soul.


I open my heart,

I have so much love to share.


The faults

that annoy me in others,

are those I do not want to see in myself.


In every moment, all my loved ones

are divinely protected.


What I believe is

what happens to me.


I inspire others

to become better and brighter.

This little buddha statue, collecting snow on a winter day, is a main feature of my garden. In the summer I hardly notice him for all the activity around flowers, herbs and bees.
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I cannot change what I have done,

but I forgive myself for having done it.


I stop my stressful search

for perfection, I am perfect

just the way I am.


I learn something new every day,

I let go of something old every day.


The Divine is present

in every breath I take.

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I end all my personal dramas,

I unconditionally accept

what life brings me.


I choose to be the real me,

the very best me that I can be.


I stop feeling sad,

no matter what the reason:

I enjoy life in the present moment.

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