If there is no self-forgiveness, there are feelings of guilt.  

When there is no self-forgiveness, we search for forgiveness outside ourselves and we start begging for God’s mercy. And, to beg the forgiveness of a God who is seen as judgmental and vindictive, we devote our existence to the atonement of our “sins.”

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Without self-forgiveness, there is always some fault to expiate that interrupts the free flow of love, which is giving and also receiving. We deny ourselves from receiving love, attention, respect, and, in addition, we also deny ourselves all those blessings (health, joy, abundance, …) that life is always ready to give with open hands to all those who are open to receive them.

When there is no self-forgiveness, there can be no love for one’s self.

Trying to love others without loving ourselves means to shift our center of balance outside of ourselves, with the result of being constantly out of balance.

From the perspective of the Oneness, when we forgive others we forgive also ourselves:

“I forgive you. You have been my mirror through which I could understand how much I did not love myself. I feel for you the most profound gratitude. Thanks to you I have become conscious of my wounds and am now able to observe, recognize and heal them.”

Anger and resentment, however, keep us anchored to the past and perpetuate the link with all those who have made us suffer or that we caused to suffer. There can be no true overcoming of the ego without forgiveness in the Oneness.

“Now I can let you go, I forgive you and I forgive myself. I bless you and thank you. Now that I have freed you, I too am free.”
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Forgiving ourselves, we also forgive all those that we have judged to be the cause of our suffering.

When we remember that we are divine beings, we stop feeling victimized by people, circumstance, or fate. We can clearly see that we have co-created everything we have experienced till now, including our pain.

What has happened in the past stops conditioning our present. Stepping out of our role as victims, we regain our spiritual mastery and our inner power.

When you forgive others, in order to forgive yourself, you become free from the past and are able to understand that there is really nothing and no one to forgive. In the Oneness everything happens because of Love.
There is no greater healing than the forgiveness of oneself.

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