What is destiny? Does it exist? Is it predetermined?

Does destiny exist? Is it already written or do we have the power to change it? Find the answers to these questions and discover your destiny

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Destiny exists. It is nothing other than the plan of life that our souls have lovingly prepared for us and that we are now experiencing.

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Our souls have chosen the trials we have to face, but the way in which we deal with them is always and only based on our free will.

All the challenges in our lives, and the suffering we experience in facing them, are powerful opportunities to transform our lives and unlock our inner power.

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As a symptom shows us which kind of disease we have and where it is within our bodies, so our inner suffering clearly pinpoints which parts of our lives need to be healed and rebalanced. Both the desire for a quiet life and the fear of change lead us to attempt to maintain the status quo even when we are involved with problematic relationships and situations, whereas the increase of suffering places us immediately in a condition of intolerable uneasiness and spurs us on to change the state of things in our lives.

Our suffering is nothing other than a powerful sign that the time has come to remove the root causes of our pain: our old emotional programs and every seed of separation. When a symptom appears, it means that the healing process has already begun. When the symptom worsens and the pain becomes more acute, it means that the solution is within reach.

The ego is like a cloud that veils the sun; suffering is like the wind that blows the cloud away.

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Every trial in our life is the bearer of a gift of awareness to be discovered. This is why the most courageous souls often choose to face the most challenging ordeals for their evolution.

To accept, with courage and wisdom, all the challenges set by our destiny is the most direct and effective way of fulfilling our destiny and getting rid of it.

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